Monday, 17 May 2010

second trip to the volcano

My friend Hilmer came on Saturday, staying until Monday so we decided to show him the volcano. the weather was perfect, calm wind, almost sky clear and temperature between +13 and +2 degrees. Anna and Kristjana came along with us. it was a 2 hrs drive to the site, so after eating some good food in Hvolsvøllur and crossing a river we set up our gear and started taking pictures. the girls thought we were crazy standing out doors while they were inside the car enjoying the doggy bag from the restaurant. it is almost no darkness anymore here in Iceland. we came back home at 0330 a bit tired but got a lot of pictures.
you can see more at "pictures"

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

a day of revising my thesis and sun set over Seltjarnarnes

last evening i took my camera and went out to the protection guard at Seltjarnarnes and took pictures of the sun set over Snæfellsjøkull strato-volcano and Seltjarnarnes. the distance to the old volcano is 115 km but it is easy to see in good weather like yesterday and beautiful.

i put more images on "pictures"

today i have been at home revising my thesis, moving things around and correcting things marked by my supervisors...

Monday, 10 May 2010

master thesis

today i got my master thesis back again. there were a lot of corrections and also some additional things to be done. but it was maybe expected since it was the first time the thesis was handed in to my supervisors!
therefore i know what i have to do this summer...i will See how far i get with the thesis until July 1st and then i will spend some time back home in Norway in July and then some more time with my thesis in august if i am not finished...

but it is OK, i am still being paid by the danish army and the job market is bad right now, maybe it has changed for the better in the autumn:0)

Thursday, 6 May 2010

ash situation on my glacier..

this satellite image of solheimajøkull was taken on May 2nd 2010 and show that a lot of the tephra that had fallen on the glacier in the early beginning of the eruption at eyjafjallajøkull has blown away again. as can be seen there is still tephra left and the ash-pluma seen in the bottom left corner can still covere the glacier in ash again...

picture is a cut out of the NASA EO-1 satellite taken on May 2, 2010

more work...

looks like I am in for a lot of work next week with my thesis...
according to one of my supervisors! i will get my reviewed thesis back around monday and will then have one week to fix it, if not i have to postpone it a bit...
good thing i am still being paid by the danish defence...

Tuesday, 4 May 2010


last night i handed in my thesis to my supervisors.
it is 86 pages and 22 000 words.
now i wait for them to proof-read it and then i get it back in xx days and probably have to make some adjustments before handing it in finally May 17th...

but it was good to finish this first part, relieved;0)

last evening Anna (which turned in her second paper yesterday as well) met with some Italian friends of mine, visiting Iceland from Italy and had a cosy talk about old days and had pizza and beer...

Saturday, 1 May 2010

no volcano fuss and close to the end of my thesis...

the volcano isn't making any fuss and i am in school writing, passed 83 pages and 21 500 words and getting close to the end. hoping it is good enough what i write;0)

sun is shining in Reykjavik and nice and warm:0)
have a good week-end