Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Drilling season and web cameras

We started our drilling season last week, by driving snow-scooters to a glacier between Longyearbyen and Svea, to mark our first hole. Last night my colleague and I went to the drill site to see how the work was progressing and to mark the next drill-hole. This morning I got a phone call at 0300, as I am the Geologist on duty. This meant that I had to drive out to the drill-site this morning to find out if the drilling was finished or not. The hole was 344 m deep. After logging parts of the core, I could conclude that the hole was finished and my job was done.

The daylight is now increasing by 20 min each day, so soon it will be possible to see the sun. In longyearbyen we will be able to see the sun on March 8th :D

I have added two new links to the web cameras, one is from the loading facilities in our coal harbour in Svea and the other one is from Svalsat, on the mountain above Longyearbyen.
Enjoy the light...
The drill site

Watching the light from my scooter

The drill site on the glacier

Self portrait - waiting for the light...