Thursday, 18 December 2008

trip to Skogar and southern Iceland

2 weeks ago Anna and I went for a day trip to southern Iceland. I was taking a look at my glacier at Solheimajøkull. on our way we stopped by some of the waterfalls at Skogar. even during winter time they look impressive.
the weather was quite bad most of the way, luckily not that bad at the waterfalls and the glacier.

i put some more on my pictures.

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

12.12.12 på Hviids vinstue 2008

last weekend i went to copenhagen, denmark to attend to the annual 12.12.12 at Hviids vinstue. it's a long tradition among former sirius men to meet up here and have some fine julegløg and beer, telling true and not so true stories about the time "i was in the patrol" and just being social. a lot of people other than sirius, with a conection to Greenland also meet up. the bar is completely stuffed and people hang out here for many hours...
i came to Denmark on Thursday evening and went back to Iceland Sunday after having a splendid week end with a lot of good friends.