Tuesday, 17 August 2010



i came back from Greenland yesterday after 9 days of great weather and good work and many good adventures with good friends.

i lost part of my luggage with my hard drive, pas port and wallet... but hope to find it again.

now i am in school and will have to work hard and finish my thesis...

will write more later

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

back to Mestersvig, Greenland

it seems like i can never stop going back to my beloved Greenland...

two days ago i came back to Iceland, after spending three weeks in Norway, helping my parents laying floors in their house.

the days in Iceland have been spent catching up with some things on my master thesis, which i am about to be really sick off...

tomorrow i will fly to Akureyri in northern Iceland, where i will stay a night in a hotel and catch up with my fellow co-workers.

Thursday we will fly to Mestersvig, Greenland were we will stay and work for approx two weeks.

altogether we are 7 people, 3 former Sirius members, 1 from station Nord and the rest civilians. we are employed by Quadra mining to clean up and ship home a lot of equipment, fuel drums and garbage from the area around Mestersvig.

an Icelandic ship will be anchored in the bay and we will sleep in containers on the deck and fly helicopter to work every day;0)

it will be long days with many hours of work, so we hopefully will have some time for a small trip or two...

i am not sure if it will be possible to get online, so you just have to wait for my photographs and descriptions from my life...