Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Darker and colder..

Anna will also be going away on Friday. She will be visiting friends and family in Copenhagen, while I am in Wales. Then we will meet up in Oslo Thursday next week to visit my parents. No need to hurry back to Svalbard just to have a week-end in the dark;0)

Sunrise today is 10.00 and sunset at hrs 1520.
Yesterday was a cold day with temperature around -11, but today the temperature rose to -4, probably due to bad weather with snow and wind, which is reported to come in the afternoon...

Anna is happy with her new job. Now she has a better chance of learning Norwegian, meeting new people in town and having something to do during the day, getting pocket-money and getting connected to the different companies in town.

Since last week one of my friends from Sirius has been here, but he lives with another guy from Sirius who just moved up here with his family, to work with tourists using dog-sledges. My friend will leave on the same plane as us on Friday.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Anna got a jobb!

Thursday morning Anna was called to an interview. She got a job and started right away. The work is only temporary, but it could be something more...
She is working at Svalbard Reiseliv,
This is the tourist information in Svalbard is also booking trips for many of the tourist companies in town. Her work place is situated in the same house as the University.

I am doing office work, doing work with a database for our drill holes and on Friday I am going to wales for some days, together with two of the other Geologist to learn to use some logging equipment. This will be exciting...

It is also getting darker and darker here and cooling down...
-9, Sunrise 09:40, Sunset 15:42.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

back again

Finally some news from my part of the world;0)
On the 31st I went to Iceland to meet Anna and to see our new apartment, which was rented out the same day. We spent a week in Iceland, looking at my glacier, visiting friends and family and spending a lot of time in the hotposts, which I have missed a lot.
Then we flew to Norway and my parents, only to stay there for 2 days before leaving for some vacation in Nice, southern France. This was a warm and beautiful place and we saw a lot of things and got some delicious food. We also met my aunt who had rented a house with a swimming pool in Provence which was very nice.
The same day we came back to Norway we drove down to my brother in SW Norway to see their new house and visit them. After two days there we went back to my parents place and stayed there for a few days before moving to Svalbard. Anna is now the house-wife while I am working;0), but she is looking for a job...
The frost has just begun and today the snow is pouring down...