Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Relieved from duty

Relieved from duty, last day working for the Royal Danish military!
7 1/2 years of good times;0)
4 of these years i spent in Greenland at Sirius and Mestersvig and also 8 months at Sirius forskole, different Sirius courses.
and the last 2 years i have been in school...

i am handing in my thesis for another review tomorrow!

Friday, 25 June 2010

past weeks...

Busy busy... writing my thesis, therefore not much happening here;0)

i uploaded some more images on my pictures for you to see!

two weekends ago anna and i went to Hamarsheiði, a farm in southern Iceland to have a clan meeting, enjoy good food, good company in my family, marvelous weather, heitapottur and horse back riding.

last week end we went to Stykkisholmur, a 2 hr drive north of Reykjavik, to visit Theo, one of our friends and celebrate 17 Juni, the national day of Iceland. on friday we drove to Kaldalons in the westfjords, trying out the swimmingpool in Drangsnes on our way.

my great grandfather was a doctor in Armuli in Kaldalons for 11 years from 1919. at that time several hundred people lived in the area, today only a handful. 

my great grand father took the name kaldalons after the beautiful valley/fjord and it has been in my family ever since. he was a great composer and made some of his best works while staying at Armuli.

Friday, 11 June 2010

Last night in Reykjavik...

i took these pictures of Grotta, Seltjarnarnes last night at hrs 2335.  i saw the beautiful sun set from the apartment and anna and i jumped into the car and got these pictures...

Mestersvig runoff June 8th 2010 draped over a 3D model

Thursday, 10 June 2010

close up by satellite of Mestersvig

Royal Danish military outpost Mestersvig and Nyhavn, May 24th 2010, draped over a terrain model...i have a much better resolution but that will cost you...

Saturday, 5 June 2010

snow melting in Mestersvig, NE Greenland

i found these 4 quickbird images taken by a satellite passing over Mestersvig, showing how and when Tunnelelv and snow melt commenced . it is easy t see how the melt water lakes are connected to the river runoff...(if you are a nerd like me)
the images are from may 1 to may24th 2010

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

come visit us...

nice video of Iceland, come visit us...

Build power line to Europe

now the Norwegians are building a second power line to the Netherlands to provide mainland Europe with cheap power. Iceland should do the same, starting with a power line to the Faeroe Island. this distance is around the same as for the Norwegian cable. Iceland would earn a lot more on this than providing the aluminum plants in this country with really cheap power. the Norwegian cable is estimated to be fully paid down in less than 10 years, while the Karahnuka power plant in Reydarfjørdur, East Iceland is estimated to take more than 40 years, because of the really bad deal with the aluminum plant.
i say it is way better to sell our clean power to the Faeroe Islands and later on GB.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Reykholar, Bardastrønd and APEX

Bardastrønd seen from Stykkisholmur
View of Snæfellsjøkull from Sonjas farm at Bardastrønd
My mothers old house at Reykholar

the last couple of weeks have been quite busy. during "Hvitasunnudagur" Anna, Jøkull (from the rescue team) and I went to Bardastrøndur in the Westfjords to visit Sonja who was home at her farm Vadall to help with the lambing season. we wanted to see how this was all going on and to eat some lamb meat, which we did a lot. nam nam. we hiked a mountain one of the days, drove to Patreksfjørdur and did some climbing on the beaches and had great weather all the time and very friendly and kind people everywhere:0)

on the way to Bardastrønd we visited my mothers old house at Reykholar where she lived as a little child for 6 years in the 1940s/50s. a beautifull spot with hot springs and magnificent view.

on wednesday i went on APEX, a geological conference in SE Iceland, we drove bus back and forth, having excursions on the way looking at the ash covered farms and land under Eyjafjallajøkull.

no i am back to writing my thesis and hope to finish soon...

the first two weeks of August i will be in Mestersvig Greenland working for Quadra mining clearing away all their belongings at Mestersvig and Malmbjerget. so there will be a little Greenland for me this year too...

mor photos on my pictures!