Wednesday, 2 June 2010

come visit us...

nice video of Iceland, come visit us...


Anonymous said...

Great photos - I just checked out your APEX 2010 photos and have two quick questions:
There is a photo taken on the balcony of the hotel near Kirkjabaerklauster (spelling?)where I have stayed -- was there much ash in/near that town?

2. In photo 26, I believe it is the farm of Olafur Eggertson. Question re the green crop on either side of the road leading up to his farm -- is it winter wheat? or is it just hay? It looks very good which surprises me as I had read online that he was not going to farm this year so I presumed there would not be such a lush crop or in fact any crop growing this year.
Thanks - Ferne in Canada

Bjarki Friis said...

there was very little ash in kirkjubæjarklaustur, most of it is further west.

the farm belong to eggertsson.
this is hey/gras mostly. it looks good but only because of the growth of the gras, if you look at the mountains they are all grey and brown due to the cover of the ash.
i thought i would see black fields, but there is around 5 cm of ash on the ground, you just don't see it because of the gras.

Anonymous said...

Thank you once again for your prompt reply.