Friday, 25 June 2010

past weeks...

Busy busy... writing my thesis, therefore not much happening here;0)

i uploaded some more images on my pictures for you to see!

two weekends ago anna and i went to Hamarsheiði, a farm in southern Iceland to have a clan meeting, enjoy good food, good company in my family, marvelous weather, heitapottur and horse back riding.

last week end we went to Stykkisholmur, a 2 hr drive north of Reykjavik, to visit Theo, one of our friends and celebrate 17 Juni, the national day of Iceland. on friday we drove to Kaldalons in the westfjords, trying out the swimmingpool in Drangsnes on our way.

my great grandfather was a doctor in Armuli in Kaldalons for 11 years from 1919. at that time several hundred people lived in the area, today only a handful. 

my great grand father took the name kaldalons after the beautiful valley/fjord and it has been in my family ever since. he was a great composer and made some of his best works while staying at Armuli.

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