Monday, 25 May 2009

excursion and field work...

For the last 10 days i have been attending a field course in quaternary geology (teaching) and doing my own field work at the glacier solheimajøkull in southern iceland.
with me i have 2 field assistents ( they were also on the course), so we basically do alot of digging in sand and gravel, which is not at all easy and then we draw a log ( showing all the different layers and structures of the sediments ( ground).
we haven't had any rain except during the night (when we don't work) which is quite un-normal for southern iceland ( highets precipitation in the country) so i'm quite happy. i hope this continues for the last 3 weeks of field work. the week-ends we spend in Reykjavik, then you don't get to tired of the field work.
we stay in a little summer house i rented at Asolfsskali, 16 min drive from the field area, it's quite spaceous and even has a barbeque and a hot-tub ( great after a day of digging).

today it even snowed and hailed, but everything is better than rain!!!
more pictures at my pictures

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

field excursion...

this is a map of southern iceland, the red spots are places we are visiting on a excursion from Friday to wednesday. i'm an assisting teacher on the course... the first 2 1/2 days is excursion based where the students see a lot of glaciers and landforms, the last days the students will have station work at Solheimajøkull (also my field area) where they learn to use the different tools and proceses to make a report about the landforms created be glaciations during time.
on wednesday i will stay in field working for my master thesis for the next 4 weeks, though i spend my weekends in Reykjavik and i have rented a small cottage with a barbeque and a hot pot...

My thesis is divided into 3 parts: 1: 1995 - present, 2: Little Ice Age ( 1400-1900), 3: the old stuff ( older than 1400, which could be 5000-10 000 yr)
"glacial history and fluctuations of Solheimajøkull and landforms"

Monday, 11 May 2009

back home again...

today i arrived in iceland, it was raining, blowing and low visibility, but isn't that also charming??
after meeting my uncle Boi at the main street i got a hair cut ( i needed it after my time in svalbard) , went to the store where everything was a lot cheaper than in Svalbard and ended my day with sitting in the hot pot and relaxing.

no i will make myselves a nice meal with icelandic lamb, the best there is;0)

isn't this life??

Sunday, 10 May 2009

going back to iceland

after staying in slo for the week-end, anna went to Denmark today for a course in Geography and will come back to iceland on the 18th.

i will leave tomorrow morning for Iceland and will spend the next 5 weeks doing field work, whereafter the year following will be spent writing my master thesis... exciting;0)

Thursday, 7 May 2009

More pictures on "My pictures"

Moraine cave
Barentsburg the russian settlement

Isfjorden by night

leaving Svalbard...sad but true ;0)

I can see it's really long time since i have written on my blog! shame on me and all of you that follow me!

after the Excursion to Reindalen we went on a two day field work trip with scooters to Kapp Linne and Isfjord radio. the weather was great and so was the trip, even though we had to do quite some work. Field work is great so it doesn't do that much!
when i came back from kapp Linne anna went with our friend Lilja and one of here friends to a cottage at Skansebukta in Billefjorden, stayed one night, saw a polar bear and went to the abbandonned settlement of Pyramiden (russian) and back. in the mean time i was running the Svalbard ski marathon (42 km), it was quite hard but a nice trip...

then the fun with excursions was over and more lectures in school while anna was doing here research interviews all over town!

we had to make a major report over all our field work and present it on monday. this left us with one day for reading to the exam which we had on wednesday, but i think it went ok.

today i sat in a meeting with the logistics people at UNIS and after saying bye to some friends at Kroa over pizza and beer, Anna and me are no ready to jump on the 0440 plane to Oslo and spend the weekend there.

the weather and snow and ice conditions have never been so good ever in my past years here, so it has all been great.

just need to show Anna more of Svalbard.

by the way this was my UNIS course number 10...