Monday, 25 May 2009

excursion and field work...

For the last 10 days i have been attending a field course in quaternary geology (teaching) and doing my own field work at the glacier solheimajøkull in southern iceland.
with me i have 2 field assistents ( they were also on the course), so we basically do alot of digging in sand and gravel, which is not at all easy and then we draw a log ( showing all the different layers and structures of the sediments ( ground).
we haven't had any rain except during the night (when we don't work) which is quite un-normal for southern iceland ( highets precipitation in the country) so i'm quite happy. i hope this continues for the last 3 weeks of field work. the week-ends we spend in Reykjavik, then you don't get to tired of the field work.
we stay in a little summer house i rented at Asolfsskali, 16 min drive from the field area, it's quite spaceous and even has a barbeque and a hot-tub ( great after a day of digging).

today it even snowed and hailed, but everything is better than rain!!!
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