Sunday, 27 November 2011


This late evening I suddenly saw some northern-light. This was the first time with soma major amount up here this fall. It is much better around Tromsö and Mestersvig, but it is not bad here;0)

It was minus 17, no wind, no clouds and an almost silence...

Friday, 25 November 2011

jo-jo temperatures

For the last week we have had some jo-jo temperatures in town. For almost two weeks we had temperatures between -10 and - 15 degrees, but then it changed and we had 5 days with temperatures around +4 degrees, making everything slippery, but luckily it did not melt all the snow;0). Last night the temperature started dropping and now we have -13, so I am a happy boy now. The young ones are driving around on their snow scooters, but the more clever ones are waiting for more snow so the equipment will not be destroyed...

I added a new link in the web-cameras. It is a new 360 camera situated at "Bykaia" the port of the town. I really like these, due to high quality and as an excellent viewer of the present weather situation and what is going on!

This week-end I will help my colleague to start building a sauna...

Sunday, 20 November 2011


Santa Claus ad the exploration team

Last week I was in Rovaniemi in Finland. Rovaniemi is a fairly large city in Lappland. We (the Geologists in the company) where going there to meet up with the rest of the exploration team from Norway and Finland.
On Monday we flew in to Tromsö and from there we drove to Levi, a 5 hours drive. After a short sleep we drove the last 2 hours to Rovaniemi. For the next days we had meetings discussing databases and plans. Thursday we had lunch at Santa Claus park where we met Santa Claus and had out photo taken, this was a once in the life-time opportunity;0)
Thereafter we drove straight to Tromsö, which took 7 hours. Most of the way there was little day-light, the landscape was fairly flat, with trees every-where and loads of reindeer...
After a night in Tromsö with good food we flew back to Longyearbyen...
Tromsö to Rovaniemi

Thursday, 3 November 2011


Caernefon castle and a pub

My colleagues
Last week I was in Wales and Anna in Copenhagen. Both of us had a great time. Wales is a beautiful place with many hills, valleys, sheep and castles. The food was delicious and the ale as well. We learned a lot on the course and got a sound knowledge of bore-hole logging. The tide water difference is a staggering 8.2 meters!

Caernfon castle
The dark time has set while we where away so now the sun will not be visible above the horizon before March 8th;0).

This week I have been on an other course, in GIS at the University here in Longyearbyen, while Anna has been working 3-4 hours a day.