Thursday, 3 November 2011


Caernefon castle and a pub

My colleagues
Last week I was in Wales and Anna in Copenhagen. Both of us had a great time. Wales is a beautiful place with many hills, valleys, sheep and castles. The food was delicious and the ale as well. We learned a lot on the course and got a sound knowledge of bore-hole logging. The tide water difference is a staggering 8.2 meters!

Caernfon castle
The dark time has set while we where away so now the sun will not be visible above the horizon before March 8th;0).

This week I have been on an other course, in GIS at the University here in Longyearbyen, while Anna has been working 3-4 hours a day.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Bjarki & Anna, glad you both had good experiences and some fun while away - now that you are back, how bright the stars and moon must be, at least when you are away from the town lights. March, sun, but maybe brighter and darker hours? A sort of 'daytime' twilight until the sun breaks the horizon again?