Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Darker and colder..

Anna will also be going away on Friday. She will be visiting friends and family in Copenhagen, while I am in Wales. Then we will meet up in Oslo Thursday next week to visit my parents. No need to hurry back to Svalbard just to have a week-end in the dark;0)

Sunrise today is 10.00 and sunset at hrs 1520.
Yesterday was a cold day with temperature around -11, but today the temperature rose to -4, probably due to bad weather with snow and wind, which is reported to come in the afternoon...

Anna is happy with her new job. Now she has a better chance of learning Norwegian, meeting new people in town and having something to do during the day, getting pocket-money and getting connected to the different companies in town.

Since last week one of my friends from Sirius has been here, but he lives with another guy from Sirius who just moved up here with his family, to work with tourists using dog-sledges. My friend will leave on the same plane as us on Friday.

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Anonymous said...

Happy and safe travels and return to both of you - and do I see some dog-driving in future dark moonlit nights?? Trip to Cape Breton was great, wonderful music for a week. Many performers and listeners barely standing by the end of the time, but very happy.