Monday, 17 October 2011

Anna got a jobb!

Thursday morning Anna was called to an interview. She got a job and started right away. The work is only temporary, but it could be something more...
She is working at Svalbard Reiseliv,
This is the tourist information in Svalbard is also booking trips for many of the tourist companies in town. Her work place is situated in the same house as the University.

I am doing office work, doing work with a database for our drill holes and on Friday I am going to wales for some days, together with two of the other Geologist to learn to use some logging equipment. This will be exciting...

It is also getting darker and darker here and cooling down...
-9, Sunrise 09:40, Sunset 15:42.


Anonymous said...

Ah, congratulations Anna! We'll hope it continues to develop into a permanent job!
Wales? ' Logging equipment'? Trees on Svalbard? or logging information electronically? In either case, best wishes!
We are just returning from the Maritime provinces, more than a week of fantastic music, bright leaf colours and great people. : )

Bjarki Friis said...

yes we hope so, or that something else will show up.

no we don't have tree here i have to cut down;0) This is borehole-logging. we drop instruments into our drill-holes and then we measure the density of the rocks etc. and we can then use this information to see how thick the different type of sediments/rocks are. The course is only in Wales, therefor I have to go there. Which will be fun!!!

Your trip sounds wonderful:0)