Thursday, 10 March 2011

News from the cold...

Since my graduation I have been applying for jobs and currently I am awaiting answers on my applications.
My aunt Hidda also graduated with a master from the University, and she held a great party with good food and drinks and even an opera-singer. Some pressure on my party to come...;0) I met a lot of members of my family which I haven´t seen for a long time, from when I was about 1 meter tall;0)

The weather in March has been quite miserable, apart from the last couple of days, when snow has been pouring down in Reykjavik and the cold has gripped the land in its firm hands. The ski resort of Bláfjöllum, just outside of Reykjavik has gotten enough snow and opened up. To great enjoy of Guðmundur, Annas father and me who went skiing yesterday. Though it was quite windy and the snow was blowing around us it was sunny and -12 degrees and we had some good hours at the resort, Guðmundur on down-hill skis and i on telemark (one of the few).

I have also met with my cousin Stebbi, from Norway, taking pictures of stormy weather and going to the swimming-pool. I have spent quite some time going to the gym and to the swimming-pools and taking pictures, while Anna is at work and writing her thesis. Then it is good for her to have a "houseman" at home taking care of laundry, cleaning the apartment, making dinner and fixing the cars...

Wednesday, 2 March 2011


Finally the official business of graduation or "utskrift" as it is called in Iceland is over. It was on Saturday, in the large cinema close to the University. Anna came with me and almost everyone in there had dressed up in their finest clothes :0)
We were 460 students graduating, both on Bachelor and Master level.
Usually the students have parties at home with all their friends and family, but i decided to do it later when i have more time to plan the party.

Now Anna wants to finish her master so she can walk in to her Graduation in high heels and a new dress;0). So while she is working on her thesis after work, i am applying for jobs and awaiting answers and taking care of the duties at home...