Wednesday, 2 March 2011


Finally the official business of graduation or "utskrift" as it is called in Iceland is over. It was on Saturday, in the large cinema close to the University. Anna came with me and almost everyone in there had dressed up in their finest clothes :0)
We were 460 students graduating, both on Bachelor and Master level.
Usually the students have parties at home with all their friends and family, but i decided to do it later when i have more time to plan the party.

Now Anna wants to finish her master so she can walk in to her Graduation in high heels and a new dress;0). So while she is working on her thesis after work, i am applying for jobs and awaiting answers and taking care of the duties at home...

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Anonymous said...

I am, as usual, late to post! Have been watching the fissure eruption in Hawaii and today, shoveling, shoveling - the most snow of the whole winter fell all at once yesterday and last night.
Anna, good luck, Bjarki, again, congratulations.