Sunday, 20 November 2011


Santa Claus ad the exploration team

Last week I was in Rovaniemi in Finland. Rovaniemi is a fairly large city in Lappland. We (the Geologists in the company) where going there to meet up with the rest of the exploration team from Norway and Finland.
On Monday we flew in to Tromsö and from there we drove to Levi, a 5 hours drive. After a short sleep we drove the last 2 hours to Rovaniemi. For the next days we had meetings discussing databases and plans. Thursday we had lunch at Santa Claus park where we met Santa Claus and had out photo taken, this was a once in the life-time opportunity;0)
Thereafter we drove straight to Tromsö, which took 7 hours. Most of the way there was little day-light, the landscape was fairly flat, with trees every-where and loads of reindeer...
After a night in Tromsö with good food we flew back to Longyearbyen...
Tromsö to Rovaniemi


Anonymous said...

Hej Bjarki & Anna - just getting caught up, must have been a fun and interesting trip. Like the santa photo!

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