Friday, 19 September 2008

trip to the blue lagoon

YES! i know this was a week ago but i don't have internet at my place!

when basse and kirsti arrived in iceland we went straigth to the blue lagoon, since kirsti haddn't been to iceland before.
the price was very high, almost the same as going 10 times to the thermal pools in reykjavik, but it's something you just have to try when coming to iceland for the first time!

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Anonymous said...

hej bjarki, we have been travelling too, but in California - geology field trips also;San Andreas fault, volcanic Mt. Lassen - not as dramatic as Iceland. And the weather very different, they have had no rain in the Davis/Napa Valley area since LAST FEBRUARY, reservoirs very low. Everything is done with irrigation - and complications such as old 19th c. mining sites in the mountains introducing things like mercury into the water....

Never made it to the Blue lagoon, guess there will still be time. But in 2000, we enjoyed the fishing museum at Siglufjorður.

Is Mestersvig finally to be permanently closed? There was something I saw today on a 2007 KNR/ piece concerning that.

Hils Anna og selv