Thursday, 13 November 2008

well well

Anna didn't go to Vifilfell as i told you on my blog. it was decided to go to mount Esja instead. she was back home around 0130 and had to wake up at 0630 to go working, counting cars for 3 hours.
i went to school today to read and write some. then i went to "BECO" with my camera. it needed cleaning after more than 3 years in the greenlandic dust and snow environment...

then we went to a couple of stores to get anna a back-pack. we got a really nice one, 60 litres at a good price, specially designed for women. so now she can carry then tent instad of me ;0)

i'm getting better and it's nice to be able to walk around again :0)
have a nice evening.

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Anonymous said...

hej Bjarki, same thing used to happen to us, sick all the time after MV until we acquired the right 'bug' immunity again - and we were only there one summer at a time...

there is a small chance husband Bill (and I) may go to Victoria Island this summer, part of a CAN/AM geology group working on sills. need to get grant money. it would be nice to see that place, site of Dad's thesis work.

hils Ísland!