Thursday, 29 January 2009


Hello Sila, Nuna and Land
thank you so much for the book. it's great. i look forward to read it.
it's so much fun beeing in contact with you.

i'm working on a little picturebook about my time in mestersvig, but it's not quite ready yet. but when it is you will get a copy :0)

thank you so much

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Anonymous said...

hej Bjarki & Anna, nice stories and photos, thanks - I appreciate hearing about the political/financial situation from 'the inside' because we have old friends in Reykjavik, and who knows what the newspapers here at home might be promoting...I hope things go better soon, but I guess it will be a struggle for the whole world, for a while. Nice to be able to do cheap healthy things like climbing and hotpot sitting - here , a little cross-country skiing for old people.