Tuesday, 24 February 2009

this is life...

This is life... a nice warm heitapottur in the middle of nowwhere...
this is from my trip with good friends to Goddalur in northwestern iceland. we stayed in a very nice cabine belonging to Palli and his family. it's in a deserted valley and the only way to get there is by super-jeep, at least in the winter time. we were 7 people, my uncle Silli, my girlfriend Anna, Palli our good friend of the family and 3 of his friends from Denmark.
the whole valley i geothermal, meaning there is a lot of natural hot water. this is connected to the house so there is around 30 degrees all year round. the water circulates the heating system and the continues out the pipes into the sink. i think they have the only toilet in iceland with warm water, keeping your behind warm. i would have liked to have that in Greenland!
they have their own heitapottur and the water from the springs is around +50.
the problem in the valley is cold water! we had to wait for the water to cool down or throw snow in the pool to get the right temperature...
anyway i had a great time with lovely food and great friends.

i put out pictures on my pictures.

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