Wednesday, 28 October 2009

past week

The days have been spent mostly in school since arriving in Iceland last week. meeting teachers and fellow students and getting into te school-mood again. it's a bit different from the school-mood in Greenland;0)

i managed to finish my poster and yeasterday i picked it up at a printing office in town, so now i'm ready for my conference in Høfn in Hornafirdi, eastern Iceland.

we will leave tomorrow on a small plane and then i will be back in Reykjavik on Sunday, after 12 hours in a bus with excursions on the way. this looks like a promising and fun conference, with more than 65 participants from all over the country and the scandinavian countries.

this night i had a very good fish soup at my supervisors home together with some of his phd-students:0)

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