Sunday, 8 November 2009

busy week

this week i had a lot to do in school, working on my thesis and different meetings. i have to make a good plan for finishing my master thesis by the end of May and then stick to it;0)
on friday anna and i went to a 50 year birthday party, which lasted to the early morning. saturday we slept for a long time to catch up with the lack of sleep. the we went to the swimming-pool and then we got picked up by Annas sister and had dinner with her in her hometown Hafnarfjørdur, before going to a 30 year birthday wich also lasted to the early morning. this time we didn't have to take a taxi home, as Annas car was finished at the mechanic:0)
today we did some school work, anna a lot more than me. then we walked to the swimmin-pool at Seltjarnarnes (20 min each way) and swam 40 laps before being half asleep in the hot pots for an hour or so. then we went to an electronic store to buy me an icelandic keyboard for my computer so i can try to write some icelandic;

the weather has been crazy all day with lots of rain and wind. therefore we had some indean food and saw a movie in the cinema...


Anonymous said...

We spent some nice days around Hafnafjorður in 2000, on our way to MV. The daughter (and family) of friends lives there - Àsdis Birgisdottir...she and her family often go up on the glaciers with their big- wheel vehicles.

I understand about the need to keep a plan to finish the thesis - Bill has several thesis students who make him scream, they cannot get it together at all....very frustrating especially since they are working on some of his rock samples. So - we will keep an eye on you!! ; )

Nice waterfall! Could use some hot pots around here.

Anonymous said...

Now that I have looked at the new pictures, I can see more reasons why in case geology doesn't work out, you can make a living as a photographer!! Also, # 29 would make a great fabric design for silk.

Anonymous said...

Svo cosy hjá okkur ;)
Kiss kiss Annan sín