Thursday, 29 October 2009

first day at the conference...

thank you washburn, dear friends. i really hope i (soon) one day will make a book about my life in greenland, if not for everyone, then for friends like you and my family.

the first day at the conference was lond, we had time for a hot dog and a coke on the gas station on our way from the hotel to the conference center.
the flight to høfn was ok, but we didn't see anything thanks to fog and rain. thank you for good icelandic pilots:0)

the brakes was only after almost 2 hours of sessions with all kinds of presentations, some more interesting than others. but i guesss it's all a part of it.
then we had a icebreaker meating ( read beer and wine) and then we all went to the soem local places in town to have some dinner, we couldn't go to the same place as we where 65 people ( høfn isn't that big)...
now i'm off for some sleep and then i will hang up my poster tomorrow and listen to many hours of presentations...

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

my poster!

past week

The days have been spent mostly in school since arriving in Iceland last week. meeting teachers and fellow students and getting into te school-mood again. it's a bit different from the school-mood in Greenland;0)

i managed to finish my poster and yeasterday i picked it up at a printing office in town, so now i'm ready for my conference in Høfn in Hornafirdi, eastern Iceland.

we will leave tomorrow on a small plane and then i will be back in Reykjavik on Sunday, after 12 hours in a bus with excursions on the way. this looks like a promising and fun conference, with more than 65 participants from all over the country and the scandinavian countries.

this night i had a very good fish soup at my supervisors home together with some of his phd-students:0)

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

i'm back in ICELAND

this is my plane at Keflavik airport last night, not every day a plane is flying many thousands of km to pick me up and fly me to Iceland. some might call me "Utrasarvikingur" with "einkathota"...
now it's back to normal day with school and city life...

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

coming back to Iceland

Today 20th of october I will come back to Iceland, after having spent 7 weeks at Danish Military Outpost Mestersvig.
right now I'm waiting for a Challenger (jet) from the airforce to take me to Reykjavik.
then it's back to regular life in the town;0)

I had a great time in Greenland as always, but it will also be great to see Anna again, my family, shops and fresh groceries and stores:0)

See you