Wednesday, 27 January 2010


Today Anna and i ordered plane tickets to Boston, USA

we will be there from February 25th to March 1st. i look forward seeing Boston and its surroundings and probably do a bit of shopping to...

the price was actually quite cheap, the same as to fly to Oslo and i have newer been to Boston, so it will be nice;0)


Pilland said...

I discovered Your website just surfing.
Congratulations indeed!
Best wishes from an Estonian living in Italy.

Anonymous said...

Hej Bjarki & Anna - well, do not be too disappointed with the impression of Boston that comes from the airport, here we all try to avoid it! But there is a lot of history in the city, and many good things to see, even tho' our history is so much shorter than Iceland's! If we were closer, I would try to make a visit for a quick 'hello,' but ..... another time. Sorry about the bear - it must be different to have one in 'civilization' after seeing them in the BIG wild.