Sunday, 7 February 2010

Thorrablot at Snæfellsjøkull

Here we are at the summit of Snæfellsjøkull with all our cars and 30 people. the summit is around 1400 m a.s.l. and it is only the second time of the 12 year old history of the "Fimir Fætir" jeppaklubburs time that they have managed to conquer the summit of this magic mountain, which can be seen from Reykjavik ( 120 km away). it is a huge strato volcano with a rather steep glacier.
Jules Vernes book "A journey to the center of the Earth" was supposed to take place here and we found some tunnels in the lava, but did not make it all the way to the centre or China...
Last year when i was on the trip we had huge amounts of snow and did not even reach the glacier edge. this was a perfect week end with good friends, excellent weather and driving conditions and good old Icelandic food, most of it rotten or sour, some of it very good and some not as good;0) but it is important to keep the traditions alive and continue to remember how it was in the old days of Iceland, just in case we have to live like that again;0)

we managed to avoid the crevasses even though some people said we drove over some fairly big ones, they can also be seen on the aerial photographs. this is a winter of little snow on most of the Icelandic glaciers so the possibility of open crevasses was possible, but we saw no danger!

thank you all for a good week end and see you next year...

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