Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Container arrived

On Monday our container arrived from the mainland. Unfortunately they didn´t deliver it to our door-step until this very morning. But better late than never;0)

After three hours this evening Anna and I had managed to get everything but the heaviest things into our apartment, which now looks very crowded. Unfortunately we have to wait for the governours people to come here tomorrow (hopefully) to check the papers, so we can get tax money back. Svalbard is a tax-free zone.
On Friday we are leaving for a 3 1/2 days cruise with Nordstjernen, so we want to finish unpacking most of the larger items, especially since my friend Dominique is arriving while we are away and would prefer a bed to sleep in;0)

At the same time this week is quite busy, going to the shooting-range quite often, as the reindeer-hunting starts next week, and some tests are required to pass...

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