Sunday, 16 December 2012

Christmas holidays

Thursday evening I arrived at my parents place, outside Oslo.
There wasn´t much snow but by next morning we had 20 cm of freshly new fallen snow outside. I spent some time getting rid of the snow, but in the afternoon it started snowing again. Annas´father came for a lunch visit. He is visiting Annas´older brother who lives with his family in Oslo. Annas´father is helping them fixing an apartment they have just bought. After lunch my father and I drove him back to Oslo and at the same time we could have a look at Siggis new apartment.
This morning the temperature had risen so now all the snow is wet and during the day it has been mostly sleet and much for winter...

My plan is to stay in Oslo until the 27th, when I fly to Iceland to spend New Years the jacuzzi ;0)

We have gotten quite some snow the last couple of days, but the temperatures have risen so everything turned into a really slippery and wet winter weather...

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