Tuesday, 24 March 2009

haven't been here since december 2004...

it's good to be back in the Arctic. yeasterday i arrived in Longyearbyen, Svalbard, after being away since december 2004. a lot of things have happende here, new buildings and stores everywhere, the university has been expanded a lot, but the people are the same.
lots of people i knew from last time are still here enjoying the life of the Arctic.
i'm attending a course in permafrost at the university and look forward to that.
yesterday it was calm weather, no clouds and -22 degrees.
this morning it was -30, so it wasn't that warm to walk the 3 km down to school and then back again this afternoon. but i really enjoy life in the Arctic.
while walking on the road i figured out that i haven't spent one single winter outside the high Arctic since 2001!!!
enjoy spring back at your place

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Anonymous said...

nice to see all that smooth snow! glad it feels like 'home on the (arctic) range.' Here, willow trees are turning yellowish, tulips are poking out - winter was a bust, by my standards! Hils Anna, og dig selv, and enjoy the course.