Monday, 30 March 2009

svalbard week 1...

since i came here i have been working on some courses i have in iceland and also enjoying the weather and scenery. monday and tuesday the weather was very nice and very cold, between -22 and -31,8.
then the bad weather started and it was snowing and blowing most of the time. the road down to school is 30 min walk , each way, so at least you wake uop on your way to school ;0)

yeasterday my barack started to fill up with students in my course and the weather turned out perfect. we found a rifle and 4 girls and me put our skis on and walked uop to the top of the Longyearbreen glacier. that took 2 h 10 min and then we had a good down hill back home. i was the only one without skins on my skis and was also on normal skis, not mountain/telemark skis. do you think i will do that again...No. hehe there was a layer of 30-40 cm of powder snow every where and around a 1000 snowscooters passing us on the way.

today we had safety course, learning how to shot, put up a tent and so on, but it's all been tried before...

tomorrow i have my last day at the safety course, driving scooter. brum brum. 2 people on the course doesn't have a drivers license so the have to be back-seaters... to bad for them.
Anna is also arriving so it will be fun to show her everything and see how she copes with the cold;0)

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Anonymous said...

bismsheand here, birds singing lot, no feel of winter left, only some raw days with wind and rain, neither spring nor autumn, a gray in-between place, but still the hyacinth flower buds continue to grow larger, to show a little color that will soon come, and there has been one pale moth on a window. Soon, a trip to Boston for the weekend, taking the truck, moving furniture for daughter. Hils Anna, når hum kommer. And good skin-skiing uphill!