Friday, 5 March 2010

Back from Boston

Anna and I came back from a good trip to Boston Tuesday morning. the weather on the trip was not very good, but we managed to have a good time in Boston. while we stayed in Boston the whole east coast had really bad weather, with snow, rain and strong winds, but we only got bits of it.
during our stay we walked a lot. it was a good way to see the city and all the historical sites and get a better appetite;0)

people were really friendly and helpfull and you always felt welcome and secure where ever we went. i think we saw most of the city and the suroundings on our walks, makin us pretty tired in the afternoons. then the hotel was a good place to relax for a few hours before we went out for some chow...

on our last day we tried the sub way, which worked really well (why did we do all this walking???) and went up to Harvard, which was a really nice place, busy place with students everywhere, nice shops and coffehouses and old beautifull histroical buildings. no i can say i went to Harvard;0)

we didn't do that much shopping, some clothes and some outdoor gear. most sotres are clothing and fashion, i needed some more outdoor stores and some electronic stores!

we had a hard time getting used to state taxes being added to everything as well as tips, something we Europeans aren't used to. we se a price and that is what we pay. the states wasn't that cheap either...

altogether a good trip to Boston

pictures will come later as we are going out of town this week-end, a search and rescue course in earthquake...

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