Sunday, 18 April 2010

my own pictures...

these pictures were taken last night. Anna, her two sisters and I decided to drive to Hvolsvøllur and take some pictures. the weather was calm, sunny and crisp cool temperatures, making the possibilities good for photography.
unfortunately there wasn´t as much lightning in the volcano as expected, but i still got some shots.
we came back to Reykjavik around 0100 hrs.

the volcano has been pouring out ash and steam for some days now, it doesn¨t really look like the volcano is loosing its momentum. it is quite scary to watch the huge amounts of ash pouring down on the other side of the mountain, knowing farmers and animals and fertile soil is being mistreated...

there are more photographs on "my pictures"


Reykjavik Outsider said...

Fantastic pictures! That lightning looks incredible inside the ash cloud.
I checked the webcam this morning and the volcano looks as if it has calmed down a bit now.
Wish I could be there but we have no flights out of the UK at the moment!

Anonymous said...

How amazing to see that through your own eyes - thanks for posting!