Friday, 23 April 2010

our turn...

today it was our turn to close down airports...
Keflavik and Reykjavik closed down at hrs 0600, but Akureyri in the north and eigilsstadir in the east are open for traffic, and some planes have been routed to Akureyri. which is good for business there;0)
the ash cloud is moving towards reykjavik, but the amount is nothing close to what has been pouring over the farmers down south.

well i am off to continue writing on my thesis...


Anonymous said...

I suppose, if Katla were to go, then 'your' glacier could become even more interesting.....!!

Anonymous said...

If you had to guess, what percentage of a chance do you personally think Katla has of erupting within the next 6 months?

As your glacier is so close to Katla, what effects would you foresee an eruption of Katla having on your glacier?

It must be very exciting for you to have all this going on so close to your research glacier!

Imagine how disappointing it could have been if the eruption had waited and occurred a year or two AFTER you completed your research/thesis!

Ferne Gudnason from Canada

Bjarki Friis said...

i really don¨t know when Katla will erupt, but it will!
personally it would be nice if it deed it in the next weeks so i could add it to my thesis. but for iceland and the rest of the world it would be terrible, with a lot of ash fall out, changes of climate and destruction to southern iceland.

from history as we know it katla has always follwed eruptions in eyjafjallajøkull.

for my glacier it would probably have a huge impact, either by heavy ash fall or if the lava pipes are in the water drainage of my glacier it would probably destroy my glacier and my field site ( if a large eruption), but only 2 out of last 20 eruptions in Katla have lead to jøkulhlaups at solheimajøkull!

so i am waiting excitingly;0)