Monday, 10 May 2010

master thesis

today i got my master thesis back again. there were a lot of corrections and also some additional things to be done. but it was maybe expected since it was the first time the thesis was handed in to my supervisors!
therefore i know what i have to do this summer...i will See how far i get with the thesis until July 1st and then i will spend some time back home in Norway in July and then some more time with my thesis in august if i am not finished...

but it is OK, i am still being paid by the danish army and the job market is bad right now, maybe it has changed for the better in the autumn:0)


Anonymous said...

well, I found it interesting, so keep up the good work fine-tuning it. There is always something more to be done on those things - even for long-time professionals. I have friends who are now retiring who are still correcting manuscripts submitted for publication. Reviewers love to pick on you! : ) But they are making the science better, one hopes.

Bjarki Friis said...

yes it is just a matter of producing some material while it is fresh in memory and make a good thesis out of it, instead of pushing something half-done through.