Monday, 17 May 2010

second trip to the volcano

My friend Hilmer came on Saturday, staying until Monday so we decided to show him the volcano. the weather was perfect, calm wind, almost sky clear and temperature between +13 and +2 degrees. Anna and Kristjana came along with us. it was a 2 hrs drive to the site, so after eating some good food in Hvolsvøllur and crossing a river we set up our gear and started taking pictures. the girls thought we were crazy standing out doors while they were inside the car enjoying the doggy bag from the restaurant. it is almost no darkness anymore here in Iceland. we came back home at 0330 a bit tired but got a lot of pictures.
you can see more at "pictures"

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Anonymous said...

Hej Bjarki & Anna - great pics - I posted a link on the Eruptions blog to the photo album - you must have gone down by the river, someone probably saw you on the vodaphone or Mila webcams! Too late in the evening for me here.