Sunday, 12 September 2010

Going back to NE-Greenland

Tomorrow I will go to NE-Greenland again, again... this time with "Fram" from Hurtigruten.

there will be around 220 passengers on board, mostly from Germany and we will be 8 guides and lectures. Palle Norit, a former Sirius member from my fathers time in the 60´s is also on board. The plan is to sail from Reykjavik to Scoresbysund-Mestersvig-Alpefjord-Blomsterbugten-Daneborg-Myggbukta-Ella Ö-Isafjörður and Reykjavik.

This will be a trip right into my own backyard so to speak;0). finally i will be able to go to a Greenlandic town, Scoresbysund. this is a bit strange since i have spent almost 8 years inside the National park...

I will try to update my blog during the trip, if not something will come after the trip.

I will be back in Reykjavik on the 23rd and the 24th Anna and I will fly to Denmark to attend to a big party to celebrate that SIRIUS is 60 years old...  then back to Reykjavik on the 26th, and see what my supervisors have to say about my thesis!

The ship has a web-camera and a blog that will be updated every day, so you can see what we are all up to...


Anonymous said...

Oh you lucky guy, sorry I haven't been checking the blog regularly - hope you have good weather!

Anonymous said...

Hej Bjarki - now I am REALLY jealous, have been catching up with the trip on the FRAM blog - wish all three of us could have been along for the ride!!! Hope the return trip was more fun than the outgoing one!
Please say hello to all the Sirius 'old boys' for us.