Sunday, 3 October 2010

Back from a great trip to Greenland

You can read all about my trip to Greenland on my Sirius blog, link is on the right hand side of the page!

In around a month I will be in Buenos Aires were I will be working as a guide and lecturer on board the MV FRAM, the same ship as I went to Greenland with.

It will be GREAT

These are the trips I will make. the trip from Buenos Aires will only be once while it will be two trips from Ushuaia...

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Anonymous said...

HEJ Bjarki ! We have had company from Germany for two weeks, so I haven't been seeing your blog!
What news on your thesis??
You will REALLY enjoy your Fram voyage, i think - the islands and Usuhuaia - fantastic scenery,it will look familiar to you! I hope you have a wonderful time.