Saturday, 5 February 2011


Today i arrived in Oslo, Norway. Yesterday it was snowing a lot inReykjavik, so it was a pitty to leave when there is finally some snow around. Tomorrow i will fly to Svalbard to attend an interview, but will be back in Oslo on Tuesday to help my parents moving to a new (old) house. then i will go back to Anna and Iceland on the 20th of February.
the weather here in Oslo is the same as in Reykjavik, -2 and some snow on the ground, but a lot more lighter...

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Anonymous said...

I have been derelict in following your posts, Bjarki- but, YAAAAAAAAAY for you! Excellent - now you are free, great, good for you. Yes, too bad to miss the snow - and we have too much ice here, snow is better. Safe journeys, safe return.