Thursday, 2 June 2011

Fog and clouds...

The last week has given us a lot of fog and clouds, making it difficult to fly in the helicopter to the drill-site.
Snow melting is at full speed in the town and the close vicinity of it, but further out in the valleys there is a lot of snow, the problem is getting there, since it is illegal to drive on ground not covered by snow. Which is understandable;0)
Taken from my living room and across the fjord. This is the coal pier in Longyearbyen.
At the moment I am the only geologist on duty, the others are away for some vacation, making me in charge of the business...
Monday was my birthday, so after spending the whole day at the office, weather cleared up a bit so we flew up on Operafjellet (950 m a.s.l) and measured snow depth and put up sticks for the drilling at this place, later this spring. The temperature up there was above 0 degrees and the snow was wet. Then we went to Kroa and had a good dinner to celebrate. Tuesday i brought a cake to the office, since the bakery did not have time to bake me one on Monday.

Unfortunately the very good web camera from Longyearbyen has been Coded, so I can not access it anymore, but I added some new cameras.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, belatedly! Glad you had at least a little cake and celebration - different than being near home, but maybe similar to MV...lots of damp weather here, too - also hail of 1" size, recently. At least no tornadoes!