Saturday, 28 May 2011

back in Svalbard;0)

Malte and his scooter
Since I came here to Longyearbyen, Svalbard I have been quite busy. I already moved to a second appartment, luckily in the same house and will probably have to move to a more permanent apartment when Anna comes here in august/September...
Malte and Alexander putting up one of the basestations for the DGPS
My colleagues in the firm are all very nice to me and show a genuine interest in new people, so the feel welcome in the firm;0)

I got a good office and a huge computer so I can do some work. for the first 3 days I went with my colleagues Malte to the University where he was teaching a about coal geology to a small class and I had the possibility of freshening up and learning some more! We even went into one of the coal mines -  avery dark and cramped place!
Me in the scooter outfit
Malte and I had a good day on snow scooters to Svea (60 km), where our main production is. We were measuring the precise position of some boreholes with the help of DGPS stations. The weather was fantastic and i love my job;0)
We have also gone with the helicopter to the drill site, which is situated at a mountain at 925 m elevation to log the drill cores and move the drill site. Due to fog and white out we almost got stuck on the mountain, but the pilots where good so we managed to get home...
The view from Lunckefjellet drill-site down on Marthabreen
During the time I spend in my office I read a lot of articles to bring my geological knowledge up to date in coal geology.

The drill-site

Retrieving the cores

I have met a lot of people in town from all my years in Svalbard. Is is good to have friends when starting to work in a new place;0) Time passes by so quickly, I have already been here for 2 weeks, and next week I will have a lot of responsibility - to control the core drilling sites...
Our ride, the B3 helicopter

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Anonymous said...

Glad things are working out well, Bjarki - we are just back from Canadian Geological Society meetings in Ottawa, Canada - one topic was Arctic Basin Continental Shelf - very interesting. Have never been in a coal mine, only MV....