Tuesday, 10 May 2011

left Iceland for a long time...

Today I left Iceland for a very long time, to attend to my new job as a geologist in the coal mine on Svalbard. Svalbard is a group of island almost 2000  km north of Iceland, covered by 60% of glaciers.

Leaving Iceland i felt like Gunnar of Hlidarendi felt 1000 years ago, (Njåls Saga)
"Fair are the hillsides, so fair as I have never seen them before,
the pale meadows and just-mown hayfields.
I am going home and I will never leave again."

The only difference is that I left Iceland to a new future instead of the death which Gunnar faced. I will often come back to Iceland to enjoy this beautiful and exciting country, my family and friends and my apartment;0)

I will be staying in Norway at my parents place until Saturday when I will fly north to Svalbard...

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