Wednesday, 10 August 2011

mine visit

yesterday we had some good weather and flew out in the helicopter to clean up the drill sites. there is always some rubbish left, like drill pipes, hoses, paper and sticks. this is not allowed to be left in the terrain. Suddenly we got some fog, but the pilot was good so we did not have to spend the night on the mountain;0)

Today the weather was bad with fog and rain. Therefore a visit to mine 7 was on the schedule;0)
A magazine was visiting so they needed a geologist to be with them. we drove to the bottom of the mine, some 7-8 km inside the mountain. the roof is only 1.5 m here and a bit cramped up. we drove in tiny cars called ohlemann, where you have to be certain to keep your head low, in case you don´t n want a serious head-ache...

we looked at all the different equipment in the mine and talked to the miners. a good day! after the mine visit i showed them our core storage and helped our students with cleaning up in the storage...

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