Saturday, 27 August 2011

life in the mines

View from Svea

For about  one and a half week i have been on a introduction course for new employees in Store Norske. Some of the others had bareley been in Svalbard for a few days, while a few like myself has been here for several months. The course goes through a lot of different topics like safety rules, first aid course, a tour in both Svea Nord and Mine 7. We also spent 3 days in Svea, which is a very nice place, with 4 meals a day and a stunning view.

My life as miner
Longwall mining
On Wednesday we had the last day of the year with midnight-sun, from that day we loose 40 min of day-light every day. I have started to feel it since it is now necessary to turn on the lights in the apartment.

The town has begun to fill up with kids again. Most of them have been on vacation on the mainland with their families, bringing back germs to the island. This has left me with the flue, which doesn´t really fit into my program at the moment ( but when does it ever fit???). There will be some busy days at the office and in the field the next days, because I leave on 3 weeks of vacation from Wednesday. I will go to Iceland for one week and then spend some time in Norway and maybe a warm place with Anna.
Last day of midnight-sun

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Anonymous said...

Hej Bjarki - have a great vacation and say hello to Anna please! We have been in eastern Quebec looking at an ancient impact site and will go to Cape Breton later (for music but maybe incidentally geology too.) Hope you are well before you have to travel...I remember when planes came into MV, someone usually got sick. Nice photos, luckily you are well prepared for the dark times!