Sunday, 18 November 2012

Day 4, Northumberland coast

Main gate at Warckworth
The church in Warkworth
Warkworth castle
Today was the day of the castles. Philip had volountaired to show us the Northumberland coast and the many castles in this area. After a late start we drove along the coast-line  with small villages and golden white sandy beaches to our first stop, the castle of Warkworth built around the 12th. It was a sunny morning so we had the chance to see the castle and the surroundings in a good light. From Warkworth it was a short drive to Alnwick castle. This is the largest castle still in use today, by the Duke of Northumberland and also know for being the Harry Potter castle. The castle was closed down for the season so we just had to enjoy the grandeur of the walls form outside. There is also a huge garden connected to the site and a huge tree-top restaurant.
Well Philip had made us a busy schedule so we hasted northwards to Bamburgh castle. This is an old castle built on a volcanic rock overlying sedimentary rocks. It can bee seen from a great distance and is situated on the shores of a sandy beach. It was very expensive to get inside the castle, so we spent our money inviting Philip for lunch at a beautiful inn.
Alnwick castle
Anna and Philip at Bamburgh castle
Bamburgh castle seen from the Inn
Philip and I infront of Bamburgh
After lunch we drove up to Lindisfarne to try to drive over the tidewater road to the old castle/monestary which was sacked by the vikings in 793, marking the start of the viking era...Due to high tide and beginning darkness we could not wait so instead we drove up to Berwick-Upon-Tweed. It was already dark here, so it was time to say goodbye to Philip for being so helpful and kind to us. Our aim was to drive all the way to Stirling. As soon as we left Berwick the rain started, which means redused speed, visibility and a lot of accidents. Twice we had to stop and wait for a couple of hours due to accidents. Eventually we made it to our B&B in Stirling, overlooking the castle in Stirling. I went out for a walk with my camera, but as I had set it up they turned of the lights on the castle :0(
The cozy inn
Day 4

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