Sunday, 18 November 2012

Day 6, West Scotland, ENGAGED

The happy couple at Eilean Donan where we got engaged

This morning we woke up to the smell of bacon, fresh toast, tea and sausages, all cooked by our landlords. During the night an other couple had arrived from Edinburgh. She was from London and he was from Ireland. They had brought their small baby and told us about Scotland and and how much they want to travel to Iceland. They even offered their apartment in Edinburgh for us to lend it, but we already had booked a hotel.
After being well fed at breakfast we drove to Kyle of Lochals to refuel and the we drove over the bridge to the Isle of Skye and turned around in the the first round-about. Unfortunately we did not have time to spend on the island, so we continued to Eilean Donan. The tours there are only guided so we had to wait 15 min before we could enter the castle. To my great disappointment it was forbidden to take photographs inside the castle! Our tour guide had a very good knowledge of the history which was very interesting. The interior of the castle is very beautiful and I would love to own a place like this. The castle is situated overlooking three lochs (fjords) and the landscape is very scenic. After the tour we were allowed to walk around the walls. I seized the opportunity overlooking the fjord over to Isle of Skye to propose to Anna. She said YES!!! So now we are officially ENGAGED to be married on a date and place unknown to us...
Our journey continued back to Edinburgh took us through the highlands again, but before coming to Fort Williams we turned of the main road towards Pitlochry, to see something else of Scotland. This route was not as interesting as the one we took yesterday and we got our worst lunch on a small cafeteria by the road. For the first time in Scotland and the UK we did not find a cosy little pub to dine in ;0)
From Perth it started pouring down and the rest of the way we drove in complete darkness. We arrived at the airport in the evening, handed in the car and took the bus to our hotel in Edinburgh.

Today we drove 340 km. All together we have driven around 1600 km on our "speed trip" through Northern England and Scotland.
Next time we either spend longer time or travel more in Either Scotland or England ;0)
I don´t think we regret doing the trip the way we did it, now we at least know what to expect the next time..

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