Thursday, 17 December 2009

the ankara-attack

most things went according to plan i denmark, well obama didn´t show up and had glögg with us and i got some kind of food poisoning at a restaurant called ankara, hence the anjara-attack. i guess price and qulity goes hand in hand;0)

i got back to reykjavik on sunday and anna picked me up at the airport, ever since i have been in school trying to do something about my master thesis, but it has ups and downs, mostly ups i would say;0)

i passed 6200 words and 19 pages, but probably there has to be thrown something away and added something, but its a fairly well start i would say.

yeasterday i got accepted at a glaciology course in svalbard, but its a bit uncertain if i will go. i mean it would be another great course and adventure, but if i have to finsih master in the end of may, 5 weeks in svalbard might not be the best idea....

yeasterday i got a cold, so i don´t hope its the svine flue, i don´t really have time for that now, it could be difficult to write...
tomorrow i´m getting the svine flue vaccine but it might be to late. i was supposed to get it 3 weeks ago but iceland ran out of vaccines, bad luck i say..

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