Monday, 28 December 2009

the Icelandic krona through time

in a moment of boredom and almost becoming an exel nerd i made this graph, comparing the icelandic krona VS the Norwegian and the Danish krone.
for many years the icelandic krona was stable between 9 and 12 krone but from the beginning of january 2008 the icelandic krona started to fall and the we got a huge fall with the bank collapse in the beginning of september 2008...
a good strengthening of the icelandic krona the first months of 2009 didn't continue and the krona fell to its lowest value!
from january 2008 the DKK and NOK krone have increased around 100%, causing foreign loans, food, supplies, goods, inflation and debths to sky rocket for the icelandic population...

Today my Anna arrived in oslo, it is -14 degrees and lots of snow;0)

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Anonymous said...

Þú ættir að fara ennþá lengra aftur í tímann ;) ... getur dundað þér í þessu áfram.
Annan sín ;)