Friday, 4 December 2009

ice-climbing at Solheimajökull (my glacier)

after having had nice and beautifull weather for several week, i decided to go ice-climbing and doing crevasse rescue with Björgunarsveitinia (rescue team) on Sunday. it was below zero but snowing a lot and quite some wind. it took us quite some whiel to get from reykjavik to Hveragerdi where the weather got a lot better, also one of the cars broke down so we had to swap for a big jeep!
at the glacier the weather was fairly good and we had a good day of climbing and learning a lot. as darkness crept in on us we walked down the glacier and drove back to town. i put some more pictures out there!

it was the first time i went up on my glacier, it was very good to see everything from above. i checked a gps position from this summer when i was doing field work and on the actual place the glacier retreated almost 30 meters.
the glacviers has also been measured in the end of november shoving a retreat of 47 meters, which isn´t a lot compared to the 134 meters last year. mayby the climate is shiting again, from warmer to colder...;0)

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Anonymous said...

looks like fun! and also interesting for your project. Now that you (and Anna) have done more ice climbing, look for a paperback book called HUNTED. You will probably have to order it. Author, Fletcher. Very scary book, involving a bear and glaciers, true story from Alaska.

My brother heard from Hans on Facebook, look for his page - some MV material.