Monday, 28 December 2009

the Icelandic krona through time

in a moment of boredom and almost becoming an exel nerd i made this graph, comparing the icelandic krona VS the Norwegian and the Danish krone.
for many years the icelandic krona was stable between 9 and 12 krone but from the beginning of january 2008 the icelandic krona started to fall and the we got a huge fall with the bank collapse in the beginning of september 2008...
a good strengthening of the icelandic krona the first months of 2009 didn't continue and the krona fell to its lowest value!
from january 2008 the DKK and NOK krone have increased around 100%, causing foreign loans, food, supplies, goods, inflation and debths to sky rocket for the icelandic population...

Today my Anna arrived in oslo, it is -14 degrees and lots of snow;0)

Saturday, 26 December 2009

let it snow...

for the last 24 hours it has been snowing a lot here in Oslo, Norway. we got more than 25 cm of snow. therefore my father and I had to go down to our house in sætre and remove loads of snow. after some hours the job was done and we could go back home and eat some christmas food...

Monday, 21 December 2009

Christmas vaccation

tomorrow morning i will fly to Norway to celebrate Christmas with my parents in Oslo.
Anna will join us on the 28th of December and stay until the 10th of January, while I will stay until the 16th of January, due to a Geological conference in Oslo (11th-13th).

it looks like i didn't have the svine flue, just an ordinary flue but anyway the tamiflu beat that down very well so i fell 80% now;0)

i wish you all a merry Christmas

Thursday, 17 December 2009

the ankara-attack

most things went according to plan i denmark, well obama didn´t show up and had glögg with us and i got some kind of food poisoning at a restaurant called ankara, hence the anjara-attack. i guess price and qulity goes hand in hand;0)

i got back to reykjavik on sunday and anna picked me up at the airport, ever since i have been in school trying to do something about my master thesis, but it has ups and downs, mostly ups i would say;0)

i passed 6200 words and 19 pages, but probably there has to be thrown something away and added something, but its a fairly well start i would say.

yeasterday i got accepted at a glaciology course in svalbard, but its a bit uncertain if i will go. i mean it would be another great course and adventure, but if i have to finsih master in the end of may, 5 weeks in svalbard might not be the best idea....

yeasterday i got a cold, so i don´t hope its the svine flue, i don´t really have time for that now, it could be difficult to write...
tomorrow i´m getting the svine flue vaccine but it might be to late. i was supposed to get it 3 weeks ago but iceland ran out of vaccines, bad luck i say..

Friday, 11 December 2009


i am going to denmark today to meet obama at hviids vinstue, and i will be back on sunday
this is a sirius meeting at kongen nytorv with old friends from greenland

Friday, 4 December 2009

ice-climbing at Solheimajökull (my glacier)

after having had nice and beautifull weather for several week, i decided to go ice-climbing and doing crevasse rescue with Björgunarsveitinia (rescue team) on Sunday. it was below zero but snowing a lot and quite some wind. it took us quite some whiel to get from reykjavik to Hveragerdi where the weather got a lot better, also one of the cars broke down so we had to swap for a big jeep!
at the glacier the weather was fairly good and we had a good day of climbing and learning a lot. as darkness crept in on us we walked down the glacier and drove back to town. i put some more pictures out there!

it was the first time i went up on my glacier, it was very good to see everything from above. i checked a gps position from this summer when i was doing field work and on the actual place the glacier retreated almost 30 meters.
the glacviers has also been measured in the end of november shoving a retreat of 47 meters, which isn´t a lot compared to the 134 meters last year. mayby the climate is shiting again, from warmer to colder...;0)