Saturday, 30 April 2011

Apartment and snow

Today we got the good news that Anna and I have bought an apartment in Seltjarnarnes, Reykjavik, Iceland. During the last 10 days or so we have been making offers back and forth with the owners, but today the owners settled with a price we thought was good for us.

The apartment is in a house with only three apartments, it is the top most one, 107m2, and has a garage of almost 30m2 and the some additional storage-rooms in the basement. The view and the location is excellent and is just perfect.                    To bad we have to live in a small coal-mine apartment in Svalbard;0). It will be good to be in Svalbard and pay down the small loan while being abroad!

This afternoon summer did not show up, but king winter did - temperature dropped to -1 and heavy wet snow has been falling since then. Maybe there is a chance for some skiing tomorrow;0)

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Anonymous said...

I was just reading on Jón Frimann's Iceland Volcanoes blog that there is a weather split in Iceland, your part cold, the other half very warm - here, one and a half days of sun after VERY heavy rains, and now the coming week looks to be wet.

Nice apartment, glad you two have a 'home base" to call your own now, congratulations. : )